Sinus Cocktail

We’re focused on providing information about sinus infection treatments, other nose / sinus issues, and all the info you could need on the famous sinus cocktail, the sinus cocktail shot! The information we provide will be useful as you go about selecting and understanding possible treatments for your sinus related problems. You will find, among other things, a description of when the sinus cocktail is used, what it is used for, what is in a sinus cocktail, and much more.A sinus cocktail can actually be one of a few things. Most of the time the phrase refers to a collection of drugs that are administered (often via an injection) to people who are suffering from various sinus related issues such as sinusitus, sinus pain, allergies, sinus inflammation, runny nose, itchy nose, and headache. A sinus cocktail can also refer to a collection of natural / herbal ingredients (not necessarily typical medications) mixed into a drink (a cocktail) that will  help with these same sinus problems. Examples of  such a concoction can be found at many homeopathy  sites (for example see here). Lastly, it’s the name of this site we create to specifically focus on helping others understand and get relief from their sinus problems.