Sinus Cocktail – Experiences and Testimonials

My wife was feeling very ill for about a week. It was just the general “crud” (headache, achy, runny nose, cough, sneeze, etc). She finally broke down and decided to go to the doctor. I asked her what she thought was going to come from such a trip. Quite matter of factly she told me that she would atleast get a Sinus Cocktail.

Well, around these parts (Memphis area) everyone has heard of a Sinus Cocktail. It’s a collection of shots that sometimes works miracles towards making someone who is having any sinus related issues feel almost human once again. Personally I had never heard of it before I moved here, but like I said, everyone around here has heard of it.

I am not a fan of antibiotics (actually I am, i just have strong feelings that they are overused) so I wanted to find out what was in this mythical “Sinus Cocktail”. Any antibiotics would be a big turnoff for me. The best guess I have is the following… I found it in the comments of someone’s blog and it sounded reasonable. I’ve got some doctor friends I’ll be checking with as well to confirm. But here it is… no antibiotics in this recipe… that makes me relatively happy.

Usual contents are 1/2 cc of each of the following:

  • Brompheniramine (antihistamine)
  • Dexamethasone 8 (dex 8 is a long acting steroid to reduce swelling of sinus membranes)
  • Dexamethasone 4 (dex4 is a faster acting steroid)
  • Diphenhydramine (benedryl. This might or might not be included, depends on the doctor and the patient)

[Added since original post: I did check with some of my doc buddies. The ingredients sound right on to them. It varies by doctor but basically some sort of steroid to reduce inflamation and some sort of decongestant to clear you out. Then maybe an anthistimine to calm and reactions the body might be having down. ]


  1. I was trying to see the side effects,guess this wooziness is normal!took mine 3hrs ago….in Memphis also…Zzzzzz i go

  2. I had it for the first time yesterday around 2:00. I came home and slept for about 3 hours and have been wide awake since! It is now 5:30 AM I thought it might have been the cough syrup that is suppose to help you sleep that did it, I have had that problem before, but I decided to look up the cocktail to see what is in it. As soon as I saw steroids were in it I knew what the problem was, the only other time I have ever had steroids I was awake for days! I do feel much better though.

  3. I am 5 minutes from Memphis. I have bad sinus trouble a few times a year. Had to go to dr yesterday, sinus pressure was intolerable. Ask Dr about the shot. He said mine was all steroids. They decide how to add ingredients to shot. I feel so much better, can breathe so good. No sleep, but I trade that for how wonderful I am feeling now. It is best to get shot on Fri
    So you can have time the of deal with the lack of sleep.

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